Espadim is renowned for its extraordinary collection of fine antique, period and contemporary jewels, timepieces, gold and silverware crafted by the greatest makers across the world. At our house, you find items that are both collectible and stylish, exquisitely tailored to reflect the notion of timeless design that is perfect for every occasion.

In 1985, the founder pursued his passion for and extensive experience in the industry, founding Espadim in Lisbon’s Amoreiras Shopping Center, the iconic meeting point for the upper middle and upper classes in the Portuguese capital. Under the trust of Portuguese Antique Dealers Association, Espadim was one of the first houses to specialize in the business of buying and selling of fine jewelry, timepieces, gold and silverware. And we became widely reputed for our exceptional customer service and refined taste. In 2006, the second store opened in downtown Lisbon, the city’s heart of elegance, prosperity and glamour.

Alongside the founder with over 40 years of experience, Espadim has today a team of widely knowledgeable specialists, who carefully selects each piece regarding its condition, quality and beauty. Our commitment to excellence and integrity is evident in our customized, confidential service that ensures you find the one-of-a-kind piece that suits you best. Through our collection, we offer you the opportunity to discover this gorgeous world, becoming part of it.